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Flat 10% off on all orders above INR 4999/- | Free Shipping Across India | International Shipping at 2500/- INR
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About Us

Our Story

Inspired by the vibrant heritage of India, At Chaandi we bring you a refreshing perspective on authentic Indian handicraft through an assortment of beautifully handcrafted Silver jewellery, which have redefined the industry standard for grace and grandeur. 

Founders : Ashutosh & Bhavana 

Ashutosh: Hello fam, to start with let me tell you the story behind how we started this. It was my wife's passion for silver jewellery which gave us a kickstart to the idea of starting this. She always told me she wants to have a store of silver jewellery, she was very attracted and fascinated towards silver! There i get this idea of why not having an online store? To be honest, I had absolutely zero knowledge about silver jewellery but had some skills to make it happen and taking care the rest of work which has to be done say the marketing & accounting part. And there we go, with both our efforts put together, we started this and here we are. At Chaandi now, it has been a beautiful journey and a roller-coaster part of our life. Well this was all possible because of all your love and kindness and immense amount of support you guys have shown shopping with us. 

Thank you #chaandifam for your love and support.

Our vision is to offer our customers the most exclusive and beautiful collection of jewellery and gratify them with our exceptional service and quality.

To be able to add up little more to the natural beauty!!


With the Growing Trends of Silver jewellery

At Chaandi, we believe that what we wear is best made by hand. From handpicking even the smallest intricate work and finding the perfect designs, to crafting our products and applying finishing touches, we engage deeply with every process. Our team of highly skilled artisans and craftsman all learned their craft from generations before them and every pair we create is made with love and care combining age old techniques with modern aesthetics. All our collections have been influenced by two aspects: the varied needs of an ever-growing clientele, and ensuring that the design is consistent with our ethos - luxury with comfort.